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Emergency Fire Exit Signs

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Emergency Fire Exit Lights

Emergency fire exit lights are signs that are illuminated to show the location of emergency exits or evacuation routes in a commercial premises, workplace, factory or warehouse. They are an essential part of the fire safety regulations in a building as they help to guide people to safety during emergencies, power cuts or other hazardous situations. Emergency fire exit lights usually have the word 'exit' on them or a picture of a running person and an arrow pointing in the direction of the fire exit.

These emergency exit light fittings can either be maintained or non maintained so they can be constantly illuminated or only illuminated in the case of an emergency. Emergency fire exit signs are usually placed above exit doors, at junctions in corridors and in other important locations in a building. They are designed to be highly visible and easily recognisable, even in emergency situations where there may be limited or reduced visibility.

Building codes and fire safety regulations often specify the requirements for the installation, placement, illumination levels and regular testing of emergency fire exit signs to ensure that they will function properly in the event of emergencies and that they are effective in guiding occupants to safety.

Fire Exit Light Boxes & Bulkhead Lights

Our range of emergency fire lighting includes light boxes and bulkhead lights. These lights can either be maintained or non maintained and have a 3 hour emergency function. They have the classic design of a green background with the white running person and either left, right, up or down arrows so you can customise the light to your individual requirements. These fire exit light boxes and bulkheads can be positioned on walls or ceilings in public spaces, hallways, corridors, car parks, walkways and basements, and they are IP65 rated, so they can be used in zones one or two of a bathroom or other wet areas. They also come with an LED bulb with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is more energy efficient than the traditional T5 bulkhead light.

Hanging & Suspended Emergency Exit Lights

In our range of hanging and suspended emergency exit lights, we offer surface mounted suspended lights, suspended recess ceiling exit lights and slim over door exit lights. As with the bulkhead and exit light boxes, these lights also have the traditional green background with the white running person and arrow motif. The legends can be installed on either side of the suspended light, depending on where the light is situated. They can also be operated on a maintained or non maintained basis and have a 3 hour emergency light function for safe evacuation. Our hanging and suspended lights also comply with the British fire regulations BS 5266 and BS EN 1838:2013 for the correct use of emergency lighting in public, commercial and accommodation spaces.

Recessed Fire Lights

We also sell a selection of recessed emergency exit lights. These recessed exit lights are designed to be installed into the ceiling, providing a discreet and unobtrusive solution for fire safety lighting. They are ideal for use in places where aesthetics are important, such as hotels, restaurants, and offices. Our recessed exit signs comply with all standard fire safety regulations.

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