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Maintained Emergency Lights

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Maintained emergency lights are used in emergency lighting systems that spring into action during power cuts or other hazardous situations. They are connected to a backup power source, such as batteries or a generator, and typically provide emergency lighting for one to three hours depending on the kind of light fitting and the requirements of the building regulations and fire standard codes. With emergency lighting maintained in a state of readiness, the occupants of a building can be evacuated safely during an emergency or power cut. These fittings are usually installed in stairways, corridors and along exit routes so people can find the way out of a building quickly and efficiently. They can also be used to light up areas where fire extinguishers and emergency equipment are stored so these can be found in the dark with ease. Maintained emergency lights will turn on automatically in the event of a power cut or emergency and they should remain on until the power returns or the backup power source runs out. They will also come equipped with a testing function so the emergency lighting can be maintained and tested when required. Maintained emergency lights are regulated by British Standard codes and fire safety regulations which specify their placement, lighting levels, testing requirements and how much backup power they should have.

Huge Range of Maintained Emergency Lighting

At LightHub Direct, we have a huge range of maintained emergency lighting for you to choose from, including batten, bulkhead, maintained emergency downlight fittings, exit panels and LED panel maintained lights in a variety of different finishes. Our slim bulkhead lights have a low profile design and are ideal for use in stairs, hallways and corridors and can be installed on either ceilings or walls. They have fully integrated LEDs and are tri colour switchable between 3000K, 4000K and 6000K. The bulkhead design is also suitable for use in bathrooms in zones one and two as it has an IP rating of 65. In our emergency lighting maintained range we also stock emergency exit running person signs that can be suspended above a doorway or in other wall locations. These lights can be modified to suit your requirements as they come with down, up, left and right directional arrows which can be installed on either side of the light unit. The emergency exit running person maintained light complies with the emergency lighting regulations BS 5266 and BS EN 1838:2013 which specifies the regulations for emergency lighting in home accommodation, public spaces and commercial premises. If there is a power cut, these lights will operate for up to 3 hours to aid the occupants of a building to navigate a safe, well lit evacuation route.

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