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Emergency Lighting

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Emergency Lights 

The primary purpose of emergency lighting is to provide adequate lighting for the safe evacuation of a premises in an emergency situation, particularly when the main power supply is lost. Emergency lighting is required for compliance to UK regulations BS 5266-1:2016 and must be installed in the almost all commercial and public premises. At LightHub Direct, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality emergency lights and fittings to keep your building illuminated even when the mains power fails.

All the Emergency Lights & Light Fittings you Need for Your Business

Our range of emergency light fittings complies with all the relevant UK standards. Each light in our collection is made from durable, high-quality materials for reliable operation and long service life. For commercial premises, functioning emergency fittings are a legal requirement. There must be sufficient illumination along escape routes to allow safe evacuation, and lighting levels must enable people to walk safely through exit routes. Emergency devices must come on immediately in the event of an outage to the normal lighting supply, and this includes both maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting units. Furthermore, emergency exit signs must be visible and understandable, with suitable directional arrows indicating escape routes. Regular testing and maintenance must be carried out to ensure the emergency illumination system remains fully operational and records of testing must be kept.

For premises that provide sleeping accommodation such as residential flats, hotels, B&Bs, care homes, hospitals and boarding schools, must provide adequate emergency lighting and escape exit signage for a minimum duration of 3 hours as evacuation may take longer than a typical commercial or public premises. To guarantee this, emergency lighting must include a battery back-up suitable for running such lighting for this 3 hour duration even when the mains power supply is lost. The emergency light fitting must switch to the battery supply automatically. 

Emergency LED Lights

Emergency LED lighting offers energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination during power outages or emergency situations. Our range of LED emergency lights includes bulkheads, downlights, emergency batten lights, exit signs, emergency light panels, and twin spotlights. LED emergency bulkhead lights are ideal for corridors, stairwells, utility areas and other high traffic zones, and they provide bright, energy-efficient illumination and can be ceiling or wall mounted. Some also feature motion sensors or corridor functions for added energy savings.

Recessed and surface-mounted LED emergency downlights are perfect for hotels, offices, shops, and other commercial spaces. They ensure safe exit routes in the event of an outage. Marked emergency exit signs, including those with arrow legends, help guide occupants to safety and our range includes suspended, recessed and surface mounted styles. In addition, twin-spot emergency bulbs provide focused, high-intensity illumination over large areas such as warehouses and factories. The adjustable LED spotlights can be directed as needed.

Fire Emergency Lighting

Our fire emergency light range provides backup illumination along exit routes in case of fire. Our range includes fire-rated emergency bulkheads, downlights, exit signs, and spotlights. These lights are designed to operate in high ambient temperature conditions during a fire, and they help evacuees safely exit the building through smoke-logged areas. Our fire emergency lighting range is compliant with building regulations, and they are designed to be easy to install and maintain.

Shop Emergency Lights from a Trusted Supplier

Trust LightHub Direct to supply emergency lights you can depend on to keep your building safely illuminated even in a blackout. We stock all the emergency lighting your premises requires for UK regulation compliance at prices that won't break the bank. Browse our full range today to find the right emergency lights for your business, or contact our lighting experts for help choosing suitable products for your specific needs.


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