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70mm Cut Out Downlights

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70mm Cut Out Downlights are a popular choice when it comes to lighting solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. These downlights are designed to fit into a 70mm diameter cut-out in the ceiling, providing a sleek and recessed lighting option.

Whether you require fire rated downlights for enhanced safety or non fire-rated options, we have you covered. Our fire-rated downlights meet rigorous safety standards, providing an added layer of protection. On the other hand, our non fire-rated downlights offer excellent performance and elegance. Choose the option that aligns with your requirements, and illuminate your space with confidence.

Our extensive range of LED downlights, designed to cater to your diverse lighting preferences. Whether you're seeking fire-rated downlights, adjustable tilt downlights, dimmable options, colour switchable fixtures, or low-profile designs, we have it all.


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