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Microwave Sensor Lights

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Microwave Sensor Lights

Microwave sensor lights are light fittings that use microwave technology to detect movement when someone is nearby. When movement is detected, the lights will turn on automatically and turn off after a designated period of time or when no further movement is detected which helps to save energy and reduce electricity costs. The microwave sensor in these lights works by emitting low energy microwave signals, and these signals detect the changes caused by moving objects. When motion is detected near these light fittings, the sensor will turn the light on and illuminate the surrounding area. 

Microwave sensor lights are commonly used in both outdoor and indoor lighting. Outdoor motion sensor lights are often placed in gardens, driveways or paths to detect movement and provide light when needed and they are also used for security lighting. Indoors, microwave security lights are used in stairwells, hallways, toilets and storage rooms where constant lighting may not be necessary. Sensor lights are often used in offices, business premises and warehouses to save electricity and reduce energy consumption by avoiding lighting unused areas of a building.

One of the advantages of a microwave sensor light is the ability to detect motion through non-metallic barriers such as walls, glass or plastic. This means they can be used in many different locations. Furthermore, they can also be adjusted so the user can change the detection range and the time delay before the light turns on and off. It is also important to remember that light microwave sensor fittings might not be suitable for all situations and may be affected by environmental issues such as temperature changes or interference from other sources. Microwave sensor lights need to be properly installed so that they work correctly and deliver the maximum energy saving potential.

Huge Range of Indoor Motion & Movement Sensor Lighting

At LightHub Direct, we have a huge range of indoor motion and movement sensor lighting. Our range includes batten, bulkhead and wall pack lighting and the sensors can be either corridor function, microwave sensor, photocell sensor or stepping dimming sensor. Our indoor range of lights includes bulkheads with motion sensors which can be used in walkways, stairs, corridors and hallways and they can be installed on either walls or ceilings. They are also suitable for use in bathrooms or toilets in zones one and two as they are rated IP65.

Emergency Bulkheads with Microwave Sensors

Our emergency bulkhead lights with microwave sensors come in a variety of different finishes and with colour temperatures of either 3000K, 4000K, 6500K or switchable. They can also be used in maintained or non maintained mode with a 3 hour emergency setting for safe evacuation. The emergency bulkheads in our range also comply with British Standard regulations BS 5266 and BS EN 1838:2013, and they can be used for emergency lighting in public, commercial and residential settings.

Shop LED Motion Sensor Indoor Lights Online at LightHub Direct

Explore our LED microwave sensor light range at LightHub Direct and discover a lighting solution that works for you. If you need any help or advice on any aspect of our lighting range, please don’t hesitate to contact a friendly and knowledgeable member of our team.

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