Emergency Lighting

The primary purpose of Emergency Lighting is to provide adequate lighting for the safe evacuation of a premises in an emergency situation, particularly when the main power supply is lost. Emergency Lighting is required for compliance to UK regulations BS 5266-1:2016 and must be installed in the almost all commercial and public premises. In addition, premises that provides sleeping accommodation such as residential flats, hotels, B&Bs, care homes, hospitals and boarding schools must provide adequate emergency lighting and escape exit signage for a minimum duration of 3 hours as evacuation may take longer than a typical commercial or public premises. To guarantee this, emergency lighting must include a battery back-up suitable for running such lighting for this 3 hour duration even when the mains power supply is lost. The emergency light fitting must switch to the battery supply automatically. LightHub Direct supplies all the emergency lighting your premises requires for UK regulation compliance at prices that won't break the bank.

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4W LED Emergency Light Twin Spot 3 Hour Battery Non-Maintained Wall
Regular price £34.95 GBP £28.95 GBP
AXIO 2W Emergency LED Downlight Non Maintained Ceiling Spot Light IP20
Regular price £19.99 GBP £15.95 GBP
5W LED Emergency Bulkhead Light Fire Exit Sign Legend 3hr Maintained
Regular price £15.95 GBP £14.95 GBP


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