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Lights for Every Space: Exploring Different Types of Bulkhead Lighting

  • by chris basford
Lights for Every Space: Exploring Different Types of Bulkhead Lighting
If you've ever noticed a light or lamp attached to a wall outside a workplace, it was most likely a bulkhead light. Bulkhead lighting has been used for many years and they continue to be a staple choice in industrial lighting and increasingly in domestic settings. At LightHub Direct, we have a large range of indoor and outdoor bulkhead lighting and in this blog post, we will explore some of the different types and what the benefits of bulkhead lighting are.

What Are Bulkhead Lights?

Bulkhead lights are a type of industrial light that are usually circular or square in shape. They use energy efficient LED bulbs, and they can produce different levels of light, depending on your requirements and the space they are used in. Bulkhead lights can also be used for emergency fire exit lights and can have motion sensors to help people leave a building quickly and safely.

Where Are Bulkhead Lights Used?

In the past, bulkhead lights were primarily used in industrial settings or warehouses as they have a heavy duty, robust aesthetic. They were also made to withstand the elements and keep water, dust and debris away from the light fitting. Bulkhead lights were also often found on boat hulls to light up maritime settings but more recently, they have also found their way into home design too. Their industrial design has found a place in converted warehouses, open plan apartments, and they look great in stairways and walkways too. As they can be used outdoors, bulkhead lights also feature in gardens, patios and walkways and help provide high levels of light effectively.

Outdoor Bulkhead Lighting for Security

One of the most frequent uses for an outdoor bulkhead light is for security lighting. As the bulkhead light fitting is strong, durable, and robust, they are ideal for using outdoors in any weather condition. They also project high levels of light, with even the smaller sized bulkhead fittings providing a surprising degree of illumination. At LightHub Direct, we stock a range of outdoor LED bulkhead lights with microwave motion sensors. If these lights are placed on exterior walls, they can help to protect your property as the sensor ensures that they light up every time someone passes. This range has lights in both circular and square designs with eyelid, slim fit designs, cage and bezel trims in black, white and chrome finishes. Outdoor bulkhead lights can not only look good in your garden, but they also add peace of mind and security to your outdoor spaces.


Outdoor Bulkhead Lighting in the Workplace

Our range of bulkhead lights can also be used to effectively illuminate outdoor spaces in industrial workspaces, offices or factories. Included in our standard range of outdoor exterior bulkheads are lights that can be used to cover car parks, communal entrances, pathways and stairways. These LED lights can be used as a replacement for traditional fluorescent bulkheads, and as they use LED bulbs, they are far more energy efficient and have an average life of 35,000 hours of illumination. They also have a high ingress protection rating of IP65, which indicates strong resistance to dust and water. We also stock a range of vandal proof bulkhead lights that can be used externally in areas such as car parks, bin storage areas, tunnels and storage spaces. As they have added vandal resistant features, they are a great choice for illuminating remote areas and keeping your outdoor spaces safe.

Indoor Bulkhead Lighting for Your Bathroom

Bulkhead lighting can also be used indoors in both commercial and domestic settings. The design of a bulkhead does lend itself to an industrial aesthetic but in recent years, this style has become popular in home design. Our range of bathroom bulkhead lights look attractive if installed on exposed brickwork, wooden panelling or tiles, and their highly waterproof cases are incredibly safe in bathrooms and wet rooms when fitted in the appropriate zones. Installing bulkhead lighting on the ceiling or walls in a bathroom can blend with a modern or a rustic style and can provide effective lighting in any size or shape of room.

Emergency Bulkhead Lighting

Bulkheads can also be used for emergency lighting. These LED powered emergency lights meet the UK legal fire standard requirements, and they will give you peace of mind in a power cut or an emergency. They also have an additional 90 minutes of illumination provided by backup batteries so you can safely evacuate a workplace in the event of a power cut. LED emergency bulkheads also reach illumination instantly, so you don't have to wait for them to warm up, and this instant illumination creates greater visibility in emergencies which can aid with safer building evacuation.

Fire Exit Signs Emergency

Shop our Range of Bulkhead Lights Today

Explore our range of bulkhead lighting at LightHub Direct today and find the perfect lighting solution for your needs. Whether you need outdoor security lights, industrial workspace lighting, or stylish indoor fixtures, we have a variety of options to choose from to suit any space. And with our energy efficient LED technology, you'll save on both cost and energy consumption in the long run. So why wait? Upgrade your lighting with bulkhead lights today!

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