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LED Energy Ratings Explained

If you've recently bought an LED lightbulb and looked at the label, you may have noticed that it now has an energy efficiency rating of D or E rather than the previously reassuring LED energy rating of A++.
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How to Test Emergency Lighting in the UK & What checks should you do?

A article explaining what the purpose of emergency lighting is, how often you should test the lights and how to test the emergecy lights.
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Understanding Emergency Lighting Regulations in the UK

In this post, we explain the latest emergency regulations and what they mean to you.
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Plaster Wall Lights: Our Expert Guide

A quick guide on the type of plaster wall lights, why they are a better option than ceramic, are plaster wall lights led dimmable, can they be painted, are they suitable for bathrooms, which rooms are recommended and can you use smart led bulbs with them.
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