7 Day Fused Timer Spur Switch for Immersion, Fan, Panel, Towel Heaters & LED Lighting
This 7 Day Electronic fused spur timer is ideal for use with immersion heaters, towel rails, panel heaters, fan heaters and all types of lighting including LED.

7 Day 3kW Boost Fused Timer Spur Switch for Heater, Immersion & Lighting

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Product Vendor: LightHub

  • PERFECT FOR HEATING - Suitable for the majority of electric heaters up to 3kW including immersion heaters, water heaters, panel heaters, electric towel rails, convector heaters, storage heaters, fan heaters, over door heaters and many more.
  • IDEAL FOR LIGHTING - Suitable for lighting circuits including LED lighting loads up to 150W, incandescent / halogen lighting loads up to 700W, fluorescent lighting loads up to 500W, CFL lighting loads up to 80W. Not suitable for discharge lighting.
  • FLEXIBLE PROGRAMMING - Set up to 4 separate programs per day for either 7 individual days, 5 days plus 2 days (weekday/weekends) or every day (same programmes every day). That’s an incredible 28 separate programmes in total if required.
  • BOOST OVERRIDE - The BOOST function allows you to temporarily override your programmes and turn appliances ON for either 1 hour or 2 hours before automatically switching them off. Simply press the BOOST button once for 1hr or twice for 2hs.
  • ADVANCE OVERRIDE – The ADVANCED function allows you to either turn the load ON until the next programmed OFF time OR turn the load ON until manually cancelled. Simply press ADV once for temporary override or twice for permanent override.
  • HOLIDAY FUNCTION - Disable all programmes by simply flicking the main switch. This feature is ideal when you are going on holiday and do not want your appliances powering up unnecessary. Once you’re ready, flick the switch back and programmes will resume.
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY - In the unlikely event that the product fails within 3 years, you will receive a replacement or full refund. Our guarantee allows you to buy with confidence.
  • DIMENSIONS - Height: 8.2cm, Width: 8.2cm, Surface Depth: 2.5cm, Recess Depth: 1.3cm